Do you know your IT risks?

Our audits reveal the risks in your IT or web applications, and you will find out which measures will reduce your risk profile.

Audit - We analyze your security
Each audit is individually adapted to the client’s situation, depending on the data to be protected as well as the scope and content of the audit.
Penetration Test focusing on Intrusion
The included modules focus on the technical testing of vulnerabilities that could allow cybercriminals to penetrate your infrastructure.
Penetration Test focusing on Resilience
The additional offer focusing on resilience assumes that an attacker or malware already has access to the network and examines their options for achieving the attack objective.
Penetration Test focusing on OWASP Top 10
You have a web application with a protected area and features such as profile management, file storage and a contact form. We test your application for the top 10 risks according to OWASP and more.
Social Engineering – Professional Phishing Prevention
Phishing campaigns are used as part of an extensive audit project or as part of a security awareness project.