Security Monitoring
IT security 24/7

Security Monitoring
IT security 24/7

Cyber Defense with Security Monitoring

Do you know the extent to which you are affected by malware, ransomware or APTs? Can you detect a real attack?

Conventional blocking measures against professional cyber criminals are no longer sufficient today. Attacks cannot be avoided and anyone can become a victim. But with permanent monitoring of the IT infrastructure using security monitoring, attacks can be detected, analyzed and countermeasures initiated.

What is Security Monitoring?

  • Security monitoring refers to the automated and centralized process in which indications of potential security threats are recorded and analyzed so that appropriate measures can then be taken against these cyber threats.
  • Security monitoring comprises the collection and analysis of information from very different (log) sources in order to identify security-relevant events, i.e. suspicious behavior or unauthorized system changes in the network.
  • Security monitoring also includes the definition of behaviors that should trigger alerts and the execution of alerts as needed.
  • Security Monitoring determines the current security status and visualizes it for management.

Why Security Monitoring? Your benefit

  • It protects against internal and external threats.
  • It reduces damage through rapid attack detection and immediate response to alarms, 7x24x365.
  • It provides comprehensive insight into your IT infrastructure. No more blind spots. More transparency = more security.
  • It visualizes your IT security status in real time and detects anomalies.
  • It initiates measures to fend off cyber attacks.
  • It guarantees traceability through complete recording (compliance reporting) and helps to comply with legal requirements.
  • It minimizes the downtimes of your IT infrastructure.


What's the next step?
Define your goal: What should the solution look like?
A Cyber Defense solution with security monitoring is a complex system. Learn more about components and structure.
Choose the method: How do you protect yourself successfully?
The right approach is the decisive success factor. Our Security Monitoring Cycle is based on 20 years of project experience and has proven to be an efficient method for introducing and operating a security monitoring solution.
Tools: How do you start your project?
If you want to introduce security monitoring, you must record the current IT situation and define the target status. The gap analysis then shows what needs to be taken into account during implementation. Our guide will provide you with practical support during the preparation phase.
What else might be of interest to you
Consulting before the start of the project
If your resources are scarce, our consulting team supports you selectively with a GAP analysis, a feasibility study or best practice examples. Further services are:
Services for operation
If you want to benefit from security monitoring but do not want to set it up or operate it yourself, you can obtain SecMon services from the SOC of terreActive. You can find out more about our SOC here.
Security monitoring is a very comprehensive threat protection, therefore products from different manufacturers are often used to cover all areas. The focus is on Splunk, tacLOM, LogRhythm, First Security, Vectra Networks and OneIdentity. Find out who we work with.