SOC Security Operations Center
in Switzerland

SOC Security Operations Center
in Switzerland

What is a SOC Security Operations Center?

A central organizational unit, which provides the cyber security services 24x7x365. The SOC uses constant monitoring of the IT infrastructure and preventive measures against cyber threats to guarantee the availability and security of your company network, including business-critical applications.

What characterizes our SOC?

  • A qualified and experienced CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) and CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team).
  • Availability 24x7, 365 days a year
  • Powerful software for management, monitoring, analysis and alerting
  • Assumption of reporting functions for adhering to compliance
  • guidelines.
  • Efficient and proven processes (ISO certification, ITIL).
  • Overview thanks to SIEM services (Security Information & Event Management).

Your benefits – why do companies need a SOC?

  • To ensure network and application availability and minimize downtime.
  • To detect and respond to external and internal threats and cyber attacks, even at night and during the weekend.
  • To comply with the obligation to provide evidence and with the statutory requirements (compliance).
  • To avoid image damage caused by data loss and costs due to system failures.

Why should you choose the SOC from terreActive?

  • Local and available: 365 days full-time service by security experts in Switzerland.
  • Experience: We already support more than 400 systems.
  • Efficient methods and processes: our SOC is ISO certified.
  • Tried-and-tested tools: we combine Swiss technology with software from renowned international manufacturers.
  • You keep the overview: expenditure can be easily controlled and budgeted.

Operations Centre against Cybercrime

Our SOC consists of two operations teams, where trained experts execute predefined tasks in order to deliver specific SOC services.

Our clients can individually select which SOC Services (also Managed Security Services) will be delivered by terreActive.

is ISO certified
according to 27001

Everything from a (secure) single source

If terreActive provides both OCC and IRC services for customers, they benefit from an additional advantage: They receive the complete solution from a single source, which means the SOC can respond faster and requires fewer interaction steps, thus making the entire process more efficient. If, for example, an attack is detected in IRC, this is forwarded directly to the OCC and, if necessary, an immediate adjustment of operations is triggered. Direct communication between both teams of experts protects the company automatically, without the client having to intervene.

Maintaining control over all investments

Security is of high value, but IT budgets are often tight and investments need to be justified. You therefore need to maintain an overview of all investments and take care when it comes to “make or buy” decisions.

  • Do you have sufficient personnel to ensure 24/7 monitoring, 365 days a year? Are all employees motivated and trained for this service?
  • Have you taken account of additional costs for weekend work by highly qualified security experts?
  • How much time and cost would be involved in restoring your security after a cyber attack?

The terreActive Security Operations Center makes your IT security investments controllable and budgetable. You only pay for what you really need, because modular SLAs allow SOC services to be adapted to your particular situation. You alone decide what you need and when.

Organizational Breakdown
OCC Operations Control Center
Maintenance and Operation of IT-Infrastructure such as network, server, applications
IRC Incident Response Center
Detection of and response to security incidents
Solutions around SOC
For the cloud: SOC Services for Microsoft Azure
To enable safe work also in cloud infrastructures
Managed Endpoint Detection & Response EDR
Protect where the hacker first arrives - at the endpoint. Microsoft Defender offers solutions for EDR.
Managed Network Detection & Response NDR
You want to get into SOC slowly? Then start by analyzing your network traffic, with NDR.
SOAR Security Orchestration Automation and Response
When resources are scarce, automated processes help
Digital Risk Monitoring
Do you know your Digital Footprint? We help to identify your footprint with a Digital Risk Monitoring Service.
CSIRT: Incident Response Team
Your insurance for accessing experts and expertise in a cyber emergency.
Cyber Defense Workshop
Identify and fight cyber attacks
Would you like to build an SOC to face cyber attacks professionally? Then the workshop will help you to plan your first steps.
The Managed Security Services provided by terreActive AG let us achieve a security standard at the highest level. This also benefits our clients because they can be sure that their systems hosted in the data center are perfectly protected.
Portrait Christian Pfister
Christian Pfister
Head of Software Development and Technology Partner Mgmt.