Basic offer for penetration test
focusing on intrusion

Basic offer for penetration test
focusing on intrusion

The included modules focus on the technical testing of vulnerabilities that could allow cybercriminals to penetrate your infrastructure.


  • Purely technical review
  • Purely external examination of devices and services that are publicly accessible via the internet
  • Basic offer with little effort required from customers

Your benefits: what is investigated?

  • Can we find vulnerabilities that could allow attackers or malware to penetrate the company’s network?
  • Can we find information that could be used as preparation for social engineering?
  • Are there any unusual services? Are there services combined on one server that we would recommended hosting separately?
  • Is TLS available on all services, are the exceptions acceptable, and is the TLS configuration in line with current recommendations?
  • Is there separation of access for users and administrators?
  • Is there any evidence of obsolete operating systems or software components with vulnerabilities?
  • Are DNS-based controls present and configured correctly?

Result (output)

  • Report with executive summary
  • The report contains results and analyses, evidence and recommended measures
  • Presentation and discussion of the report online or on site

Available options

  • Penetration test of the mail filter for dangerous file attachments
  • Penetration test of the web filter for dangerous downloads

Differentiation from other basic offers such as penetration test focusing on resilience

  • No on-site investigations are performed
  • Up to 32 active devices are tested
  • No application testing is performed according to «OWASP Top-10»

Customer profile: who is the basic offer of the penetration test focusing on intrusion aimed at?

  • Companies that want an initial classification of their existing security measures against cyber attacks
  • Companies that want a pre-configured basic package for a quick project launch requiring little effort
  • Companies that prefer a flat rate
  • SMEs and startups

Resource planning: little effort required from you

Depending on the selected options, you only have to invest five to 12 hours. This time is divided up as follows:

  • Participation in the kick-off meeting and report meeting
  • Setup of accounts or remote access for optional investigations (for testing of mail or web)
  • Support with external investigations
Additional offers from the audit field
Basic offer of penetration test focusing on resilience
The additional offer focusing on resilience assumes that an attacker or malware already has access to the network and examines their options for achieving the attack objective.
Basic offer penetration test focusing on OWASP Top 10
You have a web application with a protected area and features such as profile management, file storage and a contact form. We test your application for the top 10 risks according to OWASP and more.
Social Engineering – Professional Phishing Prevention
Phishing campaigns are used as part of an extensive audit project or as part of a security awareness project.