Security-Officer-on-Demand (SOoD)

Security-Officer-on-Demand (SOoD)

Flexible support

With this offer terreActive supports the customer temporarily in existing security projects. The customer's team is strengthened by delegating individual tasks to the Security Officer-on-Demand (SOoD).

For whom is this offer suitable?

  • For companies that are already well organized and have their own security team, but need temporary reinforcement.
  • For companies with a lack of resources due to prolonged absence of their own personnel.
  • For temporary need of special know-how for special projects.
  • For companies that ideally already have an ISMS and a security concept.

What tasks does the Security Officer on Demand (SOoD) perform?

  • The SOoD provides support for all tasks that typically fall within the remit of a security officer.
  • Individual tasks on a strategic or conceptual level as well as tactical or operational tasks.
  • Topic-specific tasks from different areas of expertise, e.g. on specific standards and best practices (ISO, NIST, OWASP, BSI etc.)
  • Second Opinion
  • Risk analyses


With the Security Officer on Demand offering, the strategy comes from the customer. He knows the goal, controls the measures and takes over the prioritization. The SOoD of terreActive is called in if necessary and only supports the implementation.

The customer already has his own security team. terreActive takes orders from this team and supplements it in case of bottlenecks or special projects.