Risk Management & Compliance
With strategy and tactics to cyber security

Risk Management & Compliance
With strategy and tactics to cyber security

Cyber security is a very broad term. Not only technical aspects are relevant, but also organizational and legal ones. We support you at both the strategic and tactical levels and develop concrete plans for implementation.


  • We understand the environment in which you operate – be it your own corporate goals, the legal requirements
    or the applied standards in your business field.
  • As part of our risk analyses, we discover the weak points in your company and develop appropriate measures
    that protect the infrastructure on the one hand, but also your business processes on the other.
  • Measures are often not easy to implement. We work out the concepts and procedures, the criteria for tests as well
    as the possibilities for continuous monitoring.

The actual state is different for every company. The spectrum ranges from companies without their own cyber security staff and comparably simple requirements, to complex requirements, to companies with an existing cyber security department. Our offer is divided into three packages to meet the individual needs of different companies.

Our three Risk & Compliance offerings
Cyber Security Readiness
As much as necessary, as simple as possible - we work together with you to build and maintain basic protection and structural cyber defense.

The flexible support - if you already have security personnel, you can involve us in your activities as needed.

For the highest demands - we take over the role of the Chief Information Security Officer in your company
Tabletop Exercise
In the role play, you train for a cyber emergency and increase your resilience.

Expertise and fields of activity

You are looking for a reliable partner for your risk & compliance projects. You need to know what he can do, what know-how he has and in which fields he has  already experience.

Learn more about terreActive's expertise and fields of activity here.

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