Best practice cyber security: protection, detection and response

Best practice cyber security: protection, detection and response

A proven cyber security architecture against current threats and attacks

New vulnerabilities every day, millions of hackers worldwide: IT security is complex.

However, the most important security measures are not. They can be listed off on one hand. Above all, IT managers need to know their networks, systems and applications, and keep an eye on them.

Therefore, you need tools

  • for protection
  • for detection and
  • for defending against attacks.

Web and Email Security, WAF, Security Monitoring

The minimum equipment includes

  • web and email security
  • a web application firewall for the applications and
  • security monitoring for continuous control and monitoring of all applications.

terreActive uses proven solutions and is certified by all manufacturers for integration. We have been focusing on IT security since 1996 and know the subtleties of using these solutions.

Design and operation

There are numerous providers of security solutions. The difference lies in the integration and operation. terreActive accompanies you with consulting or completely takes over the operation of your IT security in the Operations Control Center (OCC).