Security Architecture

Security Architecture

Digital transformation, global networking and agility of companies as well as a changing cyber-threat situation lead to increasing demands on the IT infrastructure. In this complex and dynamic environment, deficiencies in the security architecture can jeopardize the protection of critical corporate data and business processes.

Our security consultants will be pleased to support you in:

  • drafting an appropriate, secure and future oriented security architecture
  • designing preventive measures for protection to detect and defend against complex attacks
  • developing a multi-layered security architecture at the network, system and application levels so that individual misconfigurations or vulnerabilities never jeopardize the confidentiality, integrity and availability of business-critical assets
  • zoning and network segmentation to meet the requirements of systems with different protection needs and to enable granular access controls
  • increasing transparency in the network

Systematic approach is our solution for success:

  • We understand your critical business processes, assets and environment as well as your risk management and cyber security strategy
  • We adhere to the framework conditions and requirements
  • We identify the existing architecture and threat scenarios and vulnerabilities
  • We identify and present the various potential solutions
  • We develop the final security architecture

We also support you in the implementation of the security architecture that is developed and help you with additional topics:

  • Implementation and migration planning, cost estimation
  • Implementation support
  • Auditing of the change in the security infrastructure
  • Advice on firewall, VPN, email and web security gateways, web application firewalls, content security and advanced malware protection, privileged access control, system and security monitoring, performance management
  • Operation of individual security systems or the entire security infrastructure (SOC services)