Operations Control Center (OCC)

Operations Control Center (OCC)

The Operations Control Center takes care of the maintenance and operation of your security infrastructure and provides managed security services. These include, for example, firewalls, web application firewalls, web proxies, email gateways, encryption gateways, VPNs and network access controls (NACs) as well as SIEM solutions.

Collaboration options

What is done by he customer and where does terreActive take over? How far does responsibility go?
With a managed services offer, for example, the main responsibility lies with terreActive. terreActive aligns its activities with the requirements of the customer and offers different types of collaboration.

Service Catalog

You only pay for what you need.
The customer selects services from the predefined service catalog. This helps to save costs because the services can be assembled individually for each project, application or network system. The customer only pays for what is needed.

The picture shows only one part of our OCC service catalog.
Please contact us to receive a free analysis of what service suits you best.

Start small, grow solidly, enjoy flexibility

The modular service catalog offers customers the flexibility of starting with a small package. If the company grows, or an employee plans a sabbatical, the customer can book additional modules and also cancel existing ones.

Benefits for the Client

  • Simple, because the customer can choose from a predefined catalog.
  • Individual, because the solution can be adapted for each project, application or network system.
  • Cost efficient, because the customer only pays for the service that is needed. Can be adjusted flexibly per quarter.
  • Saves resources, because the customer can concentrate on its core area of expertise and hand over tasks to the terreActive experts.
  • Transparent, thanks to access to the customer portal, including reporting.
  • Tried-and-tested, thanks to optimized processes (ITIL) and over 85 SOC customers.
  • 24/7 operation, because hackers never sleep.

Examples of work from Operations Control Center

  • Product support: Get help from our engineers with certifications from different manufacturers.
  • Managed system / managed application: We carry out changes to your IT security infrastructure and handle its operation. Benefit from the separation of duty and the verification by our experts.
  • Lifecycle management: We plan and initiate the necessary work in due time.
  • Incident 24x7: If an incident occurs, our monitoring systems will directly trigger an alert, and our engineers will start working on the problem on their own or in cooperation with the client, or hand it over to the Incident Response Team.
The clear separation of duties and mutual control by terreActive and Aspectra are an essential success factor in order to be able to offer our clients a security standard at the highest level.
Portrait Kaspar Geiser
Kasper Geiser
Managing Director and Co-Owner
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