Do you have sufficient resources for security around the clock?

Do you have sufficient resources for security around the clock?

Additional help for the IT department to operate cyber security

Hackers never sleep: Server failures and cyber attacks happen around the clock. Preventing them with internal resources is challenging and not always sensible. So-called Managed Security Services let you delegate these tasks to experienced, external specialists. In the Security Operations Center (SOC), they perform the IT security tasks that your own IT department cannot cover.

Security 24/7

The Operations Control Center (OCC) is part of the SOC. As external IT specialists, the OCC employees expand the company's IT team. They maintain and operate networks, servers and applications, thus guaranteeing the availability of your applications. They ensure that security components such as firewalls, proxies and SIEM solutions are always up to date.

Individual offerings

A good SOC offers modular services. You only pay for the requested services. You should take this into account when choosing an SOC:

  • Constant availability, 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Powerful software for management, monitoring, analysis and alerting
  • Reports that help you adhere to compliance guidelines
  • A qualified and experienced team
  • Efficient and proven processes thank to ISO certification or IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

All costs under control

IT budgets are often tight and must be used efficiently. It is worth considering what tasks external IT specialists can perform more efficiently. The following three questions help to define needs.

  • Can you ensure 24x7 monitoring 365 days a year? Are all employees motivated and trained for this service?
  • Have you taken account of additional costs for weekend work by highly qualified security experts?
  • How high is the expenditure of time and the cost of restoring your security after a successful cyber attack?

The OCC's standardized services offer modular solutions for precisely these questions.