Security Assessment as status report of IT security for the community Würenlos

Würenlos is a growing community in canton Aargau with more than 6’000 inhabitants.
Almost 500 companies provide around 2’000 jobs.

The project:

Starting Position: «How well are the community and its technical companies prepared against cyber attacks?»

  • Penetration test of the externally visible access points including the control systems for water and electricity as well as the WLAN of the community
  • Vulnerability scan of the internal network of the community to assess the possibilities open to an intruder in the network
  • Detailed audit report with practical recommendations for measures
  • Presentation to the management of the community of Würenlos
Our community and its technical operations have to be protected against cyber attacks. terreActive supported us by analyzing our situation with a security assessment and provided a lot of valuable practical recommendations within the audit report.
Othmar Wirth
Head of Finance
Community Würenlos