The complete monitoring solution

terreActive monitoring software takes advantage of synergies from system monitoring, log management and log analysis. This combination allows all monitoring data to be viewed, analyzed and alerted in a uniform interface.

  • Errors can be quickly identified and analyzed
  • Intelligent drilldowns provide the necessary detailed information immediately
  • Send alerts via email, text message or other channels
  • Log data collected and stored by multiple instances can be correlated and analyzed together in the central GUI.
  • Specific events, event sequences or the absence of expected events are warned about in alerts.
  • Thanks to the supplied event packs for various products, you will benefit from many existing event definitions.
  • The integration of threat feeds increases the detection rate of security incidents strikingly.
  • Several systems can be integrated.
  • Log data remains at its location.
  • There are fewer firewall rules and a lower network load due to local monitoring of the target systems.
tacLOM Event Packs
What is an "event pack" and how can you make use out of it?
Understanding logs using eventpacks
Swiss Made Software
tacLOM bears the label of the Swiss software industry.