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Detecting and repelling targeted attacks (APTs)!

Detecting and repelling targeted attacks (APTs)!

APT assessments and security monitoring help to detect targeted attacks at an early stage and successfully repel them

Advanced persistent threats (APTs) are designed not to be noticed. Attackers unobtrusively gain gradual access to a network and the data in it. As long as they go unnoticed, they steal data and information.

Long-term data theft

APTs are not standard attacks. The attackers spend a lot of time getting to know the network and staying undiscovered for as long as possible. This lets them access valuable data over the long term. Accordingly, an APT causes a lot of damage and entails high subsequent costs. This makes it all the more worthwhile to search your own network for an APT.

Detecting APTs

Because APTs are cleverly camouflaged, clues can only be found by a thorough and continuous analysis of existing data in the form of logs or network records. While an assessment is a one-time documentation of the current situation, further security monitoring solutions are designed to automate the analysis to such an extent that it continuously monitors and provides information about possible infections or data misuse on an ongoing basis.