tacTFX - Firewall

Overview by Themes

tacTFX is based on the open source component netfilter/iptables and implements a powerful firewall for small and medium Business. The firewall rules and monitors all the traffic between the public internet and internal networks or between internal network segments. Forbidden connections - that are against defined security plicies - will be blocked and logged. Protocol optimized stateful packet filtering guarantees, that only conform connections/packages will be allowed and granular, speed-optimized security policies allow a complete control over all incoming and outgoing connections.

With numerous additional modules, such as tacAS, tacWebProxy, tacIDS/IPS und tacVPN the firewall infrastructure can be indivudually enhanced. The additional functionalities such as Anti-Virus, Antis-Spam URL-based Content-Filtering, IPsec compatible VPN Networks,  Signatures- and Anomaly-based Intrusion Detection and -Prevention (IDS/IPS) guarantee a comprehensive security protection.

Further performance- and feature details of the firewall are:

  • Support of up to 18 Ethernet-ports (Netzwork-segments) with 10|100|1000 (optional 10'000) Mbit/s NICs in one 2U-Appliance
  • throughput > 1 GB/s
  • Dynamic and static Network Address Translation (NAT) and Port Address Translation (PAT)
  • Unlimited User Licence
  • DHCP Client and Server
  • Static and Policy-based Routing
  • QoS (traffic shaping, DiffServ und IntServ) and ECN Support
  • IPsec and CIPE based VPN (Site-to-Site, Client-to-Site) with VPN Clients for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
  • MAC cloning
  • Security Event Monitoring, Logging and Alarming
  • Bridging Firewall
  • Dynamic Routing (optional)
  • Time-based Filtering (optional)
  • VLAN and "spanning tree" Support (optional)
  • Application Proxies for http, https, ftp, smtp (optional)