Performance Diagnosis Toolkit

Quickly identify and eliminate bottlenecks at any time
Performance Diagnosis Toolkit

Performance bottlenecks and faults occur in every IT infrastructure. Solving such problems is time-consuming and often involves recording and analyzing network packets. However, the usual tools (e.g. Wireshark) are very limited, unwieldy and require a great deal of expert knowledge. More powerful and advanced tools are needed to solve problems faster and more reliably.
The Performance Diagnosis Toolkit from terreActive gives you the necessary tools to rapidly gain a comprehensive overview of your network and identify faults and bottlenecks quickly.

Your Benefits

  • You can focus on analyzing the problem and solving it.
  • The Performance Diagnosis Toolkit gives you ideal support without requiring additional attention.
  • Your problems are solved faster.
  • The modular structure allows the Diagnosis Toolkit to be continuously adapted to your IT (performance, capacity, extension).

Scope of Operation

  • Instantly available recording of network packets with high performance and capacity.
  • Ongoing analysis during recording, even remotely.
  • Statistical evaluations and detailed analysis on the protocol, packet and byte levels.
  • Further development of diagnostic tools together with the growth of your IT.

Continuous Monitoring


Modular Design

Packet Recording in Data Center

A permanent and still flexibly adaptable packet recording allows for quick access to past events. Performance and capacity are scalable and thus adaptable to your data center infrastructure.

Packet Recording in a Branch

The same packet recording as in the data center can also be used at a branch. This gives you insight into the procedures on site. Operation and analysis are carried out conveniently from your workplace.

Situational Statistical Analyses

The statistical analysis that is adapted to your current problems allows you to quickly narrow down the problems to locations, systems, applications and users. In this way, you can immediately see who and what is affected and obtain valuable information about possible causes. All data stored by means of packet recording can be analyzed.

Constant Statistical Analysis

You can constantly have statistical analyses prepared in idle mode. Thanks to them, you will have an overview of the use of networks, systems and applications at all times.


Do you need an overview of the performance of your network only once?