Performance Assessment

Create transparency in the network
Performance Assessment

Monitoring in the network is limited to measuring the availability of components and bandwidths in many cases. In connection with bottlenecks in applications, however, this information is often not sufficient for understanding the causes and identifying suitable countermeasures.

The performance assessment lets us achieve transparency so we are able to provide details on the communication partners, the protocols used, errors, bottlenecks and workloads.

Our work is based on data that we passively collect and evaluate for you using Riverbed products. The report contains a detailed analysis of the conditions of your network and lists the findings together with suitable countermeasures.

Starting Point

  • Performance monitoring with a focus on availability
  • Partial blind flight with performance capacity utilization
  • Complex analysis of performance problems with low-level tools


  • Creating transparency in the area of network and application performance
    • Identification and quantification of communication partners and protocols used
    • Measurement of capacity utilization at various points in the network
    • Detection of bottlenecks and limitation of causes
  • Preparation of a situation analysis with countermeasures

Project Steps

  • Analysis of the network topology
  • Installation of network probes and data collection
  • Analysis of information, preparation of report and presentation

Structure of the Detailed Report

  • Management summary
  • Performance analysis (network, application)
  • Communication partners
  • Bandwidth and protocols
  • Bottlenecks (limits), latency
  • Countermeasures
  • Appendix with all details


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