Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis

What do you do if your users complain about the poor response time of a core application?

What are the bandwidths of your WAN and internet lines? Is there any potential for savings?

When do you need to upgrade your data center to the next ethernet generation?

You can only answer these and many other questions about performance if you have full visibility in your network. You need to know who transmits how much data when and via what protocols and channels, and what this looked like in the past.

However, measuring the bandwidth on all WAN lines is not enough in this regard. Only more highly developed tools offer you the capabilities you need to keep track of performance at all times.


terreActive had a highly efficient performance monitoring in the portfolio made by Riverbed. It corresponded to our network and expectations for cutting-edge technology. They also offered a good price/performance ratio, and we noticed that their way of working and culture are a great fit for us."
Simone Bonanni
Head of Engineering & Operations
Your options
Performance Assessment
Gain a quick overview of the performance situation in your network.
Performance Diagnosis Toolkit
Monitor the performance of applications and networks on an ongoing basis and be notified of deviations from normal operation.