Password Cracking

Password Cracking

To evaluate the internal password policy as well as the quality of user passwords, terreActive offers the service password cracking. This is basically a matter of re-calculating the user passwords from password hashes.


  •  Assessment of the internal password policy
  •  Quality analysis of user passwords

Your benefit: What is investigated?

In the course of the investigation, the following questions are addressed:

  • Are there any weaknesses in the current password policy?
  • Is the internal password policy really being observed by all employees?
  • Are weak passwords in use?
  • Can a user account be compromised?

Result (Output)

You will receive a report that includes the following sections in addition to the Executive Summary:

  • Results and statistics
  • Recommended measures
  • Useful tips

Selectable options

  • Final discussion (online or on-site meeting)
  • Live demonstration of how fast a password can be hacked (online or on-site)

Customer profile: Who should use the password cracking service?

  • Companies that want to check their internal password policy as well as their compliance
  • SMEs and start-ups

Resource planning: only little effort for you

Depending on the options you choose, you will likely invest between four and eight hours. You will use this time as follows:

  • Participation in the kick-off meeting
  • Organizing the space for cracking station
  • Extraction of password hashes from your Active Directory
  • Possibly participation in the final meeting
  • Possibly participation in the kick-off meeting regarding live demo (rooms, equipment)